Custom Duty free bag (ICAO)
As a qualified member of international civil aviation organization (ICAO), FENGQI China have the right to offer customers worldwide customized duty-free steb bags in eight colors and photos printable. Detailed information listed below with word description and picture demonstration. Unique design which is hard to replicate and tough material to withstand normal handling. Please contact us with your specific need anytime.

Description of Custom Duty free bag (ICAO)

Duty free plastic bag must be printed with the corresponding serial number, country code, icao manufacturer code and product code. A transparent inside pocket that presents a receipt as proof of purchase at an airport duty-free shop or on an airplane. The design of the icao steb bags is unique, not easy to replicate, and the material used is tough enough to withstand normal handling. A range of customizable TE packages that can be easily and securely sealed and show obvious signs of tampering when security is compromised. The sacks are made of transparent co-ex film, resistant to oil, water and rough handling, and 100% recyclable. Printing to the edge prevents cutting and resealing. Patented wide welding prevents side cutting and resealing.

Multiple warning messages are printed before and after. Icao regulations require strict compliance with the following rules: only transparent, hermetically icao steb bags are authorized to transport liquids, aerosols and gels. After passing through the security check, any belongings should be put in these icao steb bags for safekeeping. These duty free plastic bag should be of the same size as those used in the European Union. FENGQI is the first and only STEB aircraft manufacturer and supplier in China to be approved by the international civil aviation organization (ICAO).

FENGQI brand in accordance with the international civil aviation organization specially designed duty free security bagspecifications.

Application of STEB Duty Free Bags

  • Banking and Financial Institutions
  • Armored Car Company
  • Law Enforcement Agencies like Ministry, Police, Customs, and Prison
  • STEB Program for Duty Free Stores & Airlines
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Logistics
  • Retail Chain Stores
  • Education
  • Medical Institutions and Laboratories
  • Governmen

Data Sheet of Custom Duty free bag (ICAO)


Clear LDPE super strength polymers


Custom tamper awareness levels range from 0 to 5


unique sequential numbering and barcode on individual bags


Eight Color /Photo Print


with reinforced handle

load capacity: