Custom Poly Mailers & Mailing Bags
Our custom poly mailers or mailing bags are made of Poly and co-extrueded multi layer polythene film as in various colors like white, red, blue or black and sizes like standard USA and Australia size to be customized. Furthermore, we FENGQI China manufacturer can also produce returnable poly mailers as they have the ability to retrieve some of the expense for both retailer and customer. Come know more information down blew.

Description of Custom Poly Mailers & Mailing Bags

Ourcustom poly mailers are strong polyolefin mailers that protect your goods from moisture during shipping. The thickness of 2.5 mil poly mailers protect the contents by being both puncture and tear resistant. Our self-seal custom poly mailers with logo have a white exterior and silver lining.

We can produce the Returnable Poly Mailers. The unique feature of Returnable Poly Mailers is the ability to retrieve some of the expense for both retailer and customer. With two self-seal adhesive strips, the only action that your customer will need to take is to peel back the second strip and re-mail the unwanted item using the same mailer. This process is beneficial because it will help towards the turnaround time for the individual or company who initially made the mistake while sustaining integrity despite the error.

We can make different sizes of custom shipping bags for sending all kinds of small clothing items. Made from degradable 75 micron polythene that meets the highest industry standards, these custom poly bags for shipping offer effective protection against water damage, tears and punctures to ensure items arrive in great condition.

Eachcustom printed poly mailers has robust heat sealed edges and is fitted with a high tack adhesive strip that forms a secure, tamper evident seal to keep the contents safe and secure.

Incredibly strong yet extremely lightweight, Poly Mailers keep your postage costs to a minimum.

Data Sheet of Custom Poly Mailers & Mailing Bags


Poly, Co-extrueded Multi Layer Polythene Film


White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Pink Or Customized


Self-seal By Permanent Glue

Film Thickness:

2.0 Mil, 2.35mil, 2.5mil, For Optional


Water Proof


Standard USA And Australia Size Or Customized


Gravure Printing (by Copper Plate)