Examination Paper Security Seal Bags
You can use FENGQI China manufactured examination security bags in national examinations to secure the sample papers, test papers and question papers. It is specially designed to ensure any important, confidential or sensitive information will be safely secured. Once someone ties to open the sealed bag, the “void” mark will appear and you will know about it.

Description of Examination Paper Security Seal Bags

FENGQI provides thissecurity seal plastic bagsto secure the sample papers, test papers and question papers during storage and transport for National Examination.
  • National board of examination
  • National Examination Council
  • National Examination Agency
  • Ministry of Education
  • University of Education

Examination security seal plastic bags are design to ensure question papers and answer scripts can be safely secured during storage and transport to the Exam Hall. Security seal plastic bags are the design to ensure that confidential, sensitive information & important documents can be safely secured during storage and transport to the other parties. Easy to use, easy to write on area, tamper evidence closure. The tamper evidence VOID will appear once open the tape. Serial Number & Bar Code identification apply. Specially design for ensuring security of documents, safe to transfer of Examination documents.

A good tension to protect sharp corners & sequential numbering systems. 100% recyclable, environment friendly materials & biodegradable. Additional pockets for carrying documents and bar code or serial numbering track and trace for optimum security. Available with left, right & bottom gusset so that can put more question & answer papers. Examination paper security envelope are opaque. Security seal plastic bags doesn't allow the light to pass through the envelope and reflects back all the incident light rays. This makes sure that the examination papers placed inside the tamper evident envelope cannot be seen from outside. The Tamper Evident Closure is one of the most important features of Examination paper security envelope. It has a lip to lip closure.

Once the examination papers are placed inside and an envelope is sealed, any effort to open the seal or open the envelope will indicate that the envelope has been messed with or someone has tried to open it. “VOID” mark will be printed on the surface; thus the receiver can easily identify that the envelope has tampered.

Data Sheet of Examination Paper Security Seal Bags


Co-extrusion/Clear LDPE 
100% recyclable and environment friendly materials/Available in Biodegradable materials


Custom tamper awareness levels range from 0 to 5


unique sequential numbering and barcode on individual bags


White writes notes and signs on the panel


Custom specially designed for highly confidential examination papers