Invoice Enclosed Envelopes For Australia Standard Sizes
Welcome customization in ordering invoice enclosed envelopes standard sizes in Australia and New Zealand in various sizes. Designed side and bottom sealed, you can easily peel off the back part and stick it to many objects for your use. Made of PP or PE, FEGNQI manufacture invoice envelope in strict quality control system. Being light and pressure sensitive, FENGQI invoice enclosed envelopes can be your best choice.

Description of Invoice Enclosed Envelopes For Australia Standard Sizes

Theinvoice enclosed envelopes are made of sturdy polyethylene (PE) in clear and white film. Customized print are available.
Standard sizes in Australia & New Zealand

Self adhesive invoice pouches are widely used in express or logistics industry.
Pressure sensitive Packing List Envelopes secure and protect documents that are attached to the outside of shipment.
Customized sizes and designs are available for invoice enclosed. They are made of sturdy polypropylene(PP) or polyethylene(PE)film in clear or white.

Invoice Enclosed Envelopes Application:

Pressure sensitive backing sticks to almost any standard shipping surface.
Fast, simple application-simply peel off paper backing and apply to package.
Pressure sensitive, back loading envelopes for protecting shipping documents from moisture, dirt and abrasion.
Other names: packing slip envelopes,invoice enclosed pouch,documents enclosed wallets,waybill pouch.

Specification of Invoice Enclosed Envelopes

Outer size(mm)Inner size(mm)Quantity(pcs/ctn)
330(o)×240320×230500 or 250

FENGQI Advantages of Invoice Enclosed Envelopes:

1>high quality and competitive price
2>international advanced production equipments. OEM service.
3>we are the top brand manufactures cooperators.
4>each inquiry for cargo shipment by ship and plane
5>kinds of raw material: PO,PE, OPP, PP, PVC, CPE, PO/PE and composite material, non-woven fabric materials, eco-friendly material.

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Data Sheet of Invoice Enclosed Envelopes For Australia Standard Sizes

1. Usage: express delivery, post, packing waybill and paste it on carton box.
2. Style: side and bottom sealed, peel off the back paper and paste on carton box.

Top Film:

50micron Clear PE

Bottom Film:

45micron White PE 



Release Paper:



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