Medical Biohazard Specimen Bags
With 100% recyclable and eco-friendly material, FENGQI China manufacturer presents the top-quality medical biohazard specimen bags for customers all over the world. We have one-of-the-kind sequential numbering and barcode on each bag for your convenience. And for your customization, multiple thickness or colors can be what as you like and a variety of standard sizes are available. We are looking for your order!

Description of Medical Biohazard Specimen Bags

FENGQI provides custom medical specimen bags, evidence bags, autoclave bags, sterile bags, plastic medline biohazard bags for many hospitals, lab, clinic , pharmacy and other medication industries.

FENGQI produces safety sample medical specimen transport bags that combine the highest level of tamper indication and leakage resistance to maintain the integrity of the sample or the hazardous substances contained therein.

In order to solve the problem of internal theft in medical institutions, FENGQI has developed a medical specimen bags specially designed to protect and temporarily store patients' property. Less theft means fewer legal problems arising from the theft of personal property.

FENGQImedical specimen transport bags imprinted with color logo of your choice, Transport, Biohazard, STAT or Hospital Logo. We have multiple bag (MIL) thickness. It is available in a variety of standard sizes. Medical specimen bags are available in clear or colored film. Air and liquid-tight seal polyethylene material provides sturdy and reliable construction. 2-mil thick bags feature a two-pouch design that isolates patient specimen documents, helping to reduce possibilities for contamination or accidental separation of specimen and paperwork. Tamper-evident (adhesive closure) bag available for sensitive specimens. Biohazard symbol provides immediate identification that meets federal regulations and OSHA requirements. We have a new type of Security Lab Specimen Bags are for diagnostic specimens and bodily fluids, are used primarily by hospitals, laboratories and anti-doping agencies. It is waterproof for transporting diagnostic specimens and biological substances conform to the regulations of the Ordinance for the Transportation of Hazardous Substances, and are extremely tear-proof.

Medical Specimen Bags are Ideal for:

  • To store important & confidential documents, valuable goods and so on such as governments, banks, finance companies, accountancy and legal firms, laptop, hand disk.
  • Medical firms such as hospital, clinic, and pharmaceutical industry
  • Cash in transfer, ATM machine.
  • Discipline force such as Police, Election, Customs and Prison, etc.

Application of Medical Specimen Bags:

  • Banking and Financial Institutions
  • Armored Car Company
  • Law Enforcement Agencies like Ministry, Police, Customs, and Prison
  • STEB Program for Duty Free Stores & Airlines
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Logistics
  • Retail Chain Stores
  • Education
  • Medical Institutions and Laboratories
  • Government

Data Sheet of Medical Biohazard Specimen Bags


Co-extrusion/Clear LDPE
100% recyclable and environment friendly materials/Available in Biodegradable materials


Custom tamper awareness levels range from 0 to 5


unique sequential numbering and barcode on individual bags


White writes notes and signs on the panel


Strong Wide-in-Set, side weld seal with edge printing on both side
Back pocket to hold a requisition form.