PE/TYVEK Security Bags PE/TYVEK Security Bags
With easy use and instructions, FENGQI PE/TYVEK Security Bags has barcode and serial number for further necessary tracking. For your convenience, we also presents out high-quality security bag with strong wide nesting, side welded seal with edge printing on both sides. You can also find more detailed information down below.

Description of PE/TYVEK Security Bags

Plastic Security Bags Features:

  • These breathable tamper proof plastic bags are for law enforcement agencies such as forensic, crime, police and prison inmates to handle and secure crime scenes.
  • Multiple bar codes and serial Numbers are used for tracking and tracking
  • Directions for use
  • Write in the information panel
  • Level 2 or level 4 tamper evident tape off
  • Strong wide nesting, side welded seal with edge printing on both sides
  • The dotted line at the bottom
  • Tyvek materials
  • Multiple Barcode and Serial Numbers for Track and Trace
  • Easy to Use Instructions
  • Write-on Information Panel
  • Level 2 or Level 4 Tamper Evident Tape Closure
  • Strong Wide-in-Set, side weld seal with edge printing on both side
  • Dotted Line at the bottom
  • TYVEK Material